1977 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 – Part 1

Introducing our first Private Motor Club project car.

After months of searching this 1977 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 came up on eBay and moments later we were on route to take a look around it.

What really excited us was its racing history, the car is an ex Pirelli Porsche production race car and throughout the 90’s was regularly setting fastest laps at the hands of its owner Jon Fletcher. Jon was still the owner of the car when we went up to see it and is a bit of a legend. Jon raced a Lotus Elan RS in the 70’s winning championships and many races, as time went by Jon wanted a race car that would require less setup and staff to run and a 911 was the obvious choice.

Remarkably Jon had a folder stuffed full of race results and images which really added to our desire to seal the deal. It was obvious the car had been cared for and was set up well. A string of fastest laps and top five positions against more powerful cars confirmed that.

Also important was that the car had been kept in storage and was rust free. So many 911s of this age often look great on the outside but are masking larger problems underneath.

During the test drive the car stuttered under full throttle, Jon was very embarrassed and wouldn’t let the car go until he had found the cause of it. So on the day, we left a deposit and vowed to return as soon as possible.

Nearly a month later the car had been treated to new leads, fuel pump and various other parts including rear discs. The eventual issue was traced to the warm up regulator and a fuel line blockage.

350miles later, the car is safely home and the car drives like a dream, one of the most exciting prospects is taking the time to learn how to drive the car well. Unlike a modern car the clutch is tricky, the gearbox requires firm confident changes and there is very little adjustment in the driving position.

So far, so good, where the car does lack – although it is essentially racing patina – is on the outside, the car has battle scars, marks and dents, the paint has matted in places and the bumpers and wing have seen more paint that a train station hand rail.

Cosmetic issues are not a worry though as we intend to give the car a new identity. There’s no rush though and the first plan is to get the car checked over and ready for a summer of driving on and off track. We will of course keep you posted with progress and look forward to meeting some of you out on the roads.


1977 Porsche 911 SC 3.0 – Part 1