A Knight in Dubai

Back in January we travelled out to Dubai to meet Team Galag and shoot an exclusive film with their bespoke Batmobile based on the computer game Arkham Knight.

Built on the chassis of a Lamborghini Gallardo and running a Lamborghini V10 engine this is no show car. Created in Sweden by Caretso this one of a kind car was built to be part of the 2016 Gumball 3000.

The car was designed and manufactured with drivability and full functionality in mind, but this isn’t a normal car, the wheelbase is over 3 meters and it’s 2.5 meters wide! The unique carbon fiber body was made from full scale moulds which were milled out from the CAD drawings. Inside plenty of attention has been given to driving comfort with Team Galag spending up to 12hrs in the car at a time.

I think you will agree the end result is stunning. Enjoy the film.


A Knight in Dubai