For 2017 we followed the highs and lows of the Falken team as they returned to the Nurburgring 24 for the 19th time.

Back at the Geneva motorshow in March a 2017 a two car line-up was announced with the iconic 911 GT3 R entry joined by a BMW M6 GT3. The Nurburgring 24 is hugely important for developing and marketing Falken products, the BMW and Porsche provide very different challenges for tyre wear and by creating those challenges, advancements in development can be accelerated and delivered to customers road tyres. The two cars run with identical tyres.

Falken drivers Alexandre Imperatori and Peter Dumbreck are no strangers to the N24 and both elected to drive the all-new BMW M6 GT3 alongside BMW factory drivers Marco Seefried and Stef Dusseldorp. During the race refuelling takes place every nine laps depending on the current race situation and tyres will be changed at the same time.

In the race itself the 911 sadly didn’t last beyond Saturday evening as a collision damaged the steering, and after a flat bed truck ride back to the pits the car had to be retired, this left the challenge with the BMW M6 GT3. Falken are well known for their strong finishes to the race and come Sunday morning the Falken BMW was knocking on the door of a possible top five finish. Sadly the team were dealt another cruel blow when Alexandre made contact during an overtake and caused damage to the rear of the car. The car was limped back to the pits but at the Nordschleife that can be a very long way and a significant amount of time was lost. We were in the pits as the team rallied round, repaired the car and got the M6 GT3 back on track within just a few minutes, in the end 8th place was their reward but it is clear to see the potential is there to take the challenge to the top.

Below is our Falken race gallery from the 2017 Nurburgring 24.